Random Post but this totally made my day. So cute. :)

How do you know when enough is enough??

Sometimes I question whether love is worth fighting for, then I see you and I’m ready for war.

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It’s been 3 weeks since we lost our baby Bijou. Keeping busy helps keep our minds from wandering and thinking about the plans that we had. I returned most of the baby stuff we had bought. But Jay had me keep a couple of outfits that we really loved. It’s weird transitioning from being pregnant. No more swollen legs or feet. My back doesn’t hurt as much. I miss feeling him rolling around in my tummy. Jay still rubs my belly every night when we sleep as if the baby was still there. It makes me really sad. Sometimes I think he’s still in denial. I know he blames himself. He told me that. The funeral is in 2 weeks. Hopefully things will settle down by then. Our son is in a better place. 👼👼